W H I S P E R I N G         20.05.2020

The idea of the game is to get artistic “challenges” or “tasks” to then reply to, in whatever form you wish.
And basically - how can you transform what you received into another medium?

The mediums of the "whispers" can be: writing, film, painting, sound, an object or whatever else you can imagine as a reply to the thing you receive. The only demand is that it has to be possible to mail.

I will make a lottery of who is starting to be “THE SEED” , the initiator. I will also make a random order, and mail to everyone, your assigned person that you need to send your (material) whisper forward to. And then that person will send it forward to their assigned person and then this will go on for three rounds. (with a shuffle of who you're sending to and who you're receiving from each round).

In the end I will collect everything and share with you in a folder, all whispers will be kept anonymous to the extent that is possible.

The rules of the game are as follows:
*****How can you transform what you received into another medium? This is the task!
*****Anything goes, no pressure, it can be anything and it really, really doesn't have to be good.
*****KEEP THE FLOW: You need to ideally reply to the whisper within 24 hours, if you don't want to or cannot take part anymore, please let me know and i will assign the whisper to the person following you.  
*****Please always send the email with the headline WHISPER and always add me as a copy receiver so that i can collect all of the whispers. elisabethraymond@hotmail.com
*****Your whisper might be in the spam folder so please check it!!
*****Have a fun time, you can see the whispers as little gifts or surprises to give and receive!!!

First round has already started but if you want to be in the second and third, fill in your email adress below!


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