Mac Automation Goals for 2020
The goal of using Mac automation is to reduce redundant tasks, improve your productivity, and have some nerdy fun creating automation workflows.

You may not have ever thought about setting goals for using your Mac, but if your work regularly at your Mac, you owe it to yourself to maximize your your skills and use of applications and workflows in order to be more efficient and productive in the work you do.

This is the first goals worksheet I’ve created for this purpose. Since I’ve been paperless for the last eight or so years, I thought create an online worksheet that can be responded to online. But feel free to print out this worksheet if you find it helpful to do so.
Annoymous Responses
Please note: Because I’m the blogger and coach for MacAutomationTips, I’m very much interested in the responses to this survey. But I’m not asking for your name or email address. I use the information for purposes of creating content for MacAutomationTips.
What Mac automation and power user skills would like to learn this year?
What challenges are you facing in your daily work using your Mac?
Which applications do you want to learn to use or use better this year?
What Mac related problems do you plan to address this year?
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What workflows do you plan to create or work on this year?
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Was this worksheet useful?
What suggestions (questions, ideas) do you have for this worksheet?
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