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Women, we whisper to you, spread the words and bring one sister with as we ready to march in deeper through anger as the emotion.
Money should not be a barrier to you attending this session, please feel free to reach out to us @, we will support.
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“The dark moon is a place of mystery, shadow and private, hidden, secretive feelings, emotions and desires. To go ‘into’ this place is to go into the deepest part of your psyche, and sort through your deepest pain, hurts and wounds…and to also sort through your deepest desires—both sexual and creative. We journey into these places via meditation, stillness, hypnosis and shamanic journeying. It is another world there, another dimension and another consciousness that can only be accessed by the stilling of our conscious mind, and the awakening of our subconscious mind. There, you will meet with The Dark Goddess, and your own dark goddess nature.” Renée Starr
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