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We have a housing crisis and no single city, acting on its own, can fix it. Why don’t we just give each city a housing production target to reach at different income levels and then let them figure it out?

Well, that exact process already exists, and it’s called RHNA.

The Regional Housing Needs Assessment process is designed to make sure all the cities in our region are meeting people’s housing needs and preventing a housing crisis. The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) administers this process and calculates our projected and existing housing needs, and then divvies them up to cities and jurisdictions in the region. Through this process, SCAG makes sure everyone is doing their part to meet residents’ housing needs.

Obviously, it hasn’t been working! We have a severe housing deficit, driving up prices, displacing people, and forcing others into homelessness. On top of that, greenhouse gas emissions from car travel continues to rise, since SCAG continues to promote suburban car-dependant sprawl.

Cities are now complaining about the high housing target they are facing from the Governor--they think a much higher housing target than the last cycle is somehow “unfair” to them. But what is unfair is that people can’t afford to live in our region. Fairness means a high housing target. Fairness means no one being forced to leave their communities. Fairness means climate justice.

Abundant Housing LA wants to recognize the participants in this process who have stood up for housing and for the future. And we will also recognize those who have fought to preserve the status quo, directing us deeper into the housing crisis.
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