This specially designed eligibility questionnaire quickly tells you whether you can qualify for the PMP exam. You can check your eligibility by answering a few questions below. We also provide free consultant guidance in case of any further queries. You can drop us a mail at

Disclaimer: This set of questions are based on the project management experts of ProThoughts. This process is by no means is a representation of PMI's official approval process. Eligibility approval with this tool does not guarantee PMI acceptance of eligibility.
Our expert team can help with any further query and guidance.
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1) How long were you working in Projects in your last recent 8 years? *
2) Did you work with Stakeholders before the start of project for initiating project requirements? *
3) Were you involved in identifying the Stakeholders? *
4) How was your involvement in collecting requirements? *
5) Did you prepare the Scope Document for the project? *
6) Were you involved in estimations and preparation of Project Plans? *
7) Did you work with Stakeholders and managed their expectations? *
8) Were you involved in acquiring, managing and resolving issues of resources? *
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