fip Logo Contest, May 2019
Welcome to the YourSocialHub logo contest for May 2019. (ex:
In this contest, you will design a logo for YourSocialHub with any program of your choice (Adobe Illustrator is preferred). A version of the logo without a background will be required. If the logo is not designed in Adobe Illustrator then the image must be exported at a high resolution such as 4000x4000 for example. The image height and width must be the same. The image must not include any copyrighted images and only use Royalty Free or Creative Commons licensed pictures. The image must not include a font used without a commercial license. Once you are done, Create a .zip folder containing the project file (if applicable), actual image file, and any fonts or images used to create the logo. Then, upload the .zip file to a Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox, or MEGA account (anything else will be rejected). The winner will be given a $10 Steam Gift Card. Good luck everyone!
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