Thompson Career Campus Manufacturing and Design Pathway
The Thompson Career Campus provides quality educational programs emphasizing core academic content, post secondary & workforce readiness (PWR) competencies, technical skills, and seamless transition to further education or employment and better prepare students to meet the demands of the workforce, economic development, and emerging occupations.

Colorado CTE programs are divided into six industry sectors: (1) Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy; (2) STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology; (3) Skilled Trades & Technical Sciences; (4) Health Science, Criminal Justice & Public Safety; (5) Hospitality, Human Services & Education; (6) Business, Marketing & Public Administration. The Thompson Career Campus will provide students an opportunity to earn core and elective high school credit, industry credential(s), work-based learning experience, and college credit (if available) in Health Science, Construction Skilled Trades, Advanced Manufacturing & Design, and Information Technology pathways.

Grade Level Requirements and Graduation Requirements:
To be considered for admission to Thompson Career Campus, students must be in 10th-12th grade at the time they begin their pathway experience. Students at Thompson Career Campus must fulfill the graduation requirements set forth by the Thompson School District to receive their diploma. Students who participate in a pathway at the Thompson Career Campus will graduate with their home high school.

Application Process:
In order to be placed on our waiting list, students must do the following:
1. Submit (online) a completed application for each pathway they are interested in.
2. Students and families will be contacted to confirm enrollment in a pathway during the registration process.
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