ZETA Assimilated 101

Enter ZETA Assimilated 101 and complete the quiz. Eligible user wallets update every 12 hours so check back soon. After you mint your NFT, make sure to get your ZETA Assimilated Discord role in the ZetaChain Guild.

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Wallet Address (use same as your Galxe account) *
ZetaChain is the first public L1 blockchain and omnichain smart contract platform. ZetaChain enables full interoperability with… *
ZetaChain is the only public blockchain that supports odApps. What's an odApp? *
ZetaChain introduces the first Omnichain Smart Contracts, which can: *
Some benefits of Omnichain Smart Contracts include:  
Omnichain dApps can manage and connect data and value across all blockchains including non-smart contract platforms. An example of a non-smart chain is:  
How do cross-chain swaps on ZetaChain work?  
Examples of Omnichain dApps include:  
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