Regional Proposal Survey
These questions will help the VAWA Board determine if and when a Regional Qualifying concept for the Folkstyle States will be used. This applies to age Groups 14 and under. This survey is for Current USAW Members in Virginia only. The 16U Division will not have a qualifier.
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Potential 6 Region Concept-Just a boundary proposal
1- Do you Support Some Type of a Regional Qualifying Concept *
2- My Club or Organization would be interested in hosting a Qualifier (January or February) *
3- With Region Qualifiers, wrestlers must wrestle at the State Championships the same weight they wrestled at the qualifier. *
4- Wrestlers Must attend a Qualifier-No exceptions or petitions *
5- Should the tournament directors combine weight classes where possible so that wrestlers can gain experience prior to the state tournament. This is in the event that there are few entries in a weight class. *
6- Wrestlers can attend any Regional Qualifier. If they qualify then they can not attend another region event. *
7- What Size Brackets should be used at the State Championships as a result of Regional Qualifying Events *
8- Placement at the Regional Qualifiers should be used to seed the wrestlers at the State Championships *
9- In the question above, if the first year of a Region Qualifier was only for the 14U and 12U Age groups, then all other age divisions would qualify by attendance in their divisions. Madison Weight System would be used for the 10U and below to obtain competition and preparation for the state. *
10- Types of Region Qualifier: Check the one you favor best *
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