Defias Brotherhood : registration
The <Defias Brotherhood> is a new guild which will operate on World of Warcraft : Classic, everything starts this summer.
And this, is the pre-launch registration form.

[Language] : English
[Faction] : Alliance
[Realm] : EU PVP (or RP-PVP if available), the name will be communicated in time.

-Make Stormwind pay for their crimes ... oh, and :
-WORLD PVP : weekly events in outdoor to kill the opposite faction (Tarren Mill, Stranglethorn, assaults on capital cities, contracts and more).
-PVE CONTENT as CASUAL, we aim to clear every raid and dungeon as a guild, taking our time and doing it well, we don't aim to be the first on the server nor the last, don't be shy.

[Requirement to join] : Everyone can join, no specific requirement.

[contact] :

What main class will you play ? *
What main role will be your ? *
What will be your main activities ? *
How many hours per week do you plan to play ? *
Have you played vanilla in the past ? *
How can we contact you ? (put your battle-tag, discord or anything else) *
Anything else you would like to say ?
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