Florida Aquaculture Education Survey
The Division of Aquaculture has created a new aquaculture education website designed to be a one-stop-shop for teachers interested in starting or enhancing an aquaculture program at their school. The webpage provides a variety of free resources to teachers, including free curricula, introductory presentations, lists of technical assistance, business volunteer and field trip contacts, lists of aquaculture education opportunities, and more.

In an effort to assess the scope and needs of aquaculture education in the state, the division has sent-out an educator survey to all Florida agriculture and science teachers. We encourage you to participate in this survey as it will be used to guide the division’s education-outreach priorities in the future and to promote the value of aquaculture curriculum in Florida.

Please review this new website before completing the survey:

You do not have to be an aquaculture teacher to respond to this survey.
All science and agriculture teachers are encouraged to participate!

This survey data will be aggregated for internal use only. Your contact information or individual responses will not be disclosed.

Email address *
What grade levels do you teach (select all the apply)? *
What subjects do you teach?
Do you cover aquaculture in your classes? *
If you do not teach aquaculture, are you interested in doing so in the future?
If you do not teach aquaculture, what hurdles are preventing you from covering aquaculture in your classes?
Your answer
Approximately how many students in your school are exposed to aquaculture content each year?
Are you aware of the aquaculture education resources and curriculum available through the University of Florida?
Are you aware of the aquaculture education resources and curriculum available through the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service: Division of Aquaculture?
What teaching resources do you currently utilize for science education?
Online videos
Powerpoint presentations
General fact sheets/technical bulletins
Interactive computer programs
Hands-on projects
Field trips
Guest lectures
Video conferencing
Personally developed materials
Does your school have a Future Farmers of America (FFA) program?
If we can provide you with aquaculture educational materials, which formats do you prefer to utilize?
Not interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
Fact sheets publications (1-5 pages)
Online videos
Powerpoint presentations
Hands-on projects
Field trips
Guest lectures
Video conferencing
Are you interested in attending aquaculture education workshops? *
19. What aquaculture topics are you most interested in covering? Please rank in order of importance; 1 (least important) - 8 (most important). *
General overview of Aquaculture
Aquaculture in Florida (industry summary)
Aquaculture production methods
Fish biology
Fish reproduction/larval rearing
Water chemistry
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