Afrolynk Matchmaking Form
Afrolynk's Pre-Conference Needs and Opportunity Assessment for Matchmaking is designed to facilitate organizational improvements, resource and knowledge sharing together with startups, mentors and companies.

The selected startups will be screened thoroughly and guided by experienced mentors to expose their needs and wants related to technology, financial capital, educational needs, and aspirations.

Similarly, selected organizations will undergo a Needs and Opportunity assessment, in order to identify the internal gap, and most pressing needs, and further determine which startup has the right skill set to resolve them.

During this process, Afrolynk will be in regular exchange with the startups, and organizations and use this need assessment to select the right partners, and also to approach investors for potential matchmaking to prepare the startups for their time in Germany, and to ensure as much progress as possible.

Afrolynk will also use the needs assessment to plan and adjust the workshop series in September, plan the ecosystem tour and also to approach potential partners and impactful organizations, investors and partners who will be helpful to startups and invite them to the conference and startup-night.

******Do You meet the Criteria?*******

You do not currently need to be investor ready.

However, you should:
•be African/Afrocentric
•be partner conducive and willing to commit to matchmaking process.
•be working towards fulfilling the SDG goals, using technology.
•have a passion for innovation,

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