JuNO Sign-up: A month’s celebration of edging and female orgasm denial

So, I thought it'd be fun to give you an official sign up for the 30 day denial challenge, so here you go you horny followers.
if you don't know what this is about check here:

ALL of these questions besides the last two are optional. No individual data will be shared, only I will ever see it, but it's fun to make it official like this.
Have fun, and no cumming!
Name (optional)
Nickname (again, optional...)
Email (this is optional too but read below)
This absolutely is not required, but if you do supply it it will be kept in the strictest confidence and only used by me to notify you (subtly) of new things I'm doing, related to Tumblr, or a couple of books I'm writing , fiction and non-fiction based around Orgasm Denial (I'll be using this to find my 'beta readers')
Tumblr URL (guess what, this is optional)
Secondary Tumblr blog for your JuNO Journal?
Age (come on, at least tell me that ;) )
Where are you from?
What's the longest number of days you've been denied?
Are you hoping to do JuNO
Do you give me permission to republish any erotic content you create as part of this year's 'JuNoWriMo' theme?
Clear selection
What do you hope to gain from this experience?
Is there any other feedback you'd like to give me about the blog or generally what denial has done for you
The Rules of JuNO
The aim is to orgasm as little as you can for the 30 days, while you deliberately make yourself as horny as possible by regular ‘edging’
You are to edge yourself every day with my recommended minimum of three times a day, once before you get up, once last thing in bed, and once during the day - but more edges is great, decide what works for you - life might mean you often do less, that’s fine.
You are to have fun. If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right
If you accidentally go over the edge into an orgasm before your target date, you must immediately stop all stimulation and so ‘ruin’ the orgasm. If you ruin the orgasm like this you are still on course - but you musn’t ruin again that day and you must try your hardest not to at all (ruins will be given as separate, extra tasks, at points in JuNO).
JuNo is for women (and their partners) and those who identify themselves as such. Sorry boys, I know you love this stuff but you already have Locktober, NOvember and more. This is a ‘girls together’ kinda thing but feel free to try it, just please don’t be messaging me about it, thank you xxx
If you’re late to the party you can start when you want, just follow the tag below to get all the relevant notes and instructions.
Do you agree to the rules of JuNo? *
How many days are you going to try denying your orgasms this JuNO? *
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