Bayern vs Frankfurt (Bundesliga MD10)
In order to try and get us all on the same page, I thought I'd add a small 'legend' to base your grading off of.

For players:
10/10 = Your Man of the Match. Please only give only one "10" rating.
7, 8, 9/10 = Consider this a player who is either a.) consistently one of the top performers throughout the match OR b.) a player who had one of the biggest impacts on the game but not quite a Man of the Match-level performance.
4, 5, 6/10 = Consider a 5/10 to be perhaps your starting point. Nothing amazing, nothing too bad either. A player with an overall good game with just a few mistakes might take it down to a 4/10; a player with an overall good game with just a few special moments might get a 6/10.
2, 3/10 = a below average performance. A player who has made a lot of mistakes or who has made mistakes that had a big impact on the result.
1/10 = abject performance. A player whose actions directly caused a loss or severely negatively impacted our play. The opposite of Man of the Match.

For the manager:
10/10 = Tactical masterclass. A mistake-free performance. Made all the right changes, had all the right tactics, starting XI, substitutions, etc.
7, 8, 9/10 = an above-average coaching performance. Had the starting XI right or made some important changes that helped us to win. Some mistakes, but the good outweighs the bad.
4, 5, 6/10 = An okay performance. Did not do much to help or hurt the team. A few small changes that helped could lead to a 6/10 whereas a few small changes that hurt (or failure to make some small changes) could lead to a 4/10.
1, 2, 3/10 = a below-average coaching performance. Bad starting XI, bad subs, wrong tactics, failure to adjust, underprepared, out-coached, etc. A game in which the manager's decisions caused us to lose OR one in which we draw or win *in spite of* coaching decisions.
Manager Rating: Niko Kovac *
Starting XI Rating: Lewandowski *
Starting XI Rating: Gnabry *
Starting XI Rating: Coutinho *
Starting XI Rating: Muller *
Starting XI Rating: Thiago *
Starting XI Rating: Kimmich *
Starting XI Rating: Davies *
Starting XI Rating: Pavard *
Starting XI Rating: Alaba *
Starting XI Rating: Neuer *
Starting XI Rating: Boateng *
Overall Team Performance *
Miserable, worst showing of the season
Near-perfect. Amongst the best performances of the season.
State of the club: What is your current worry/panic level? *
Not at all worried
Freaking out, very worried!
Your overall confidence in Niko Kovac is: *
How has your overall 'mood' regarding the team changed? *
Bonus question: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Kovac's current job security?
Sacked tomorrow
Safe until the end of the season
Clear selection
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