Elevation Counseling Therapist Questionnaire
Hello! Thank you for taking the time out to contact us about an independent contractor therapist position at Elevation Counseling. To streamline the process and be sure we are an appropriate match, please fill out this questionnaire. Thank you!
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Are you fully licensed in New Mexico with an Independent License (must be an LPCC, LCSW, LMFT, LPAT, LP)?  We cannot contract with providers with non-independent licenses. *
Do you have an active New Mexico Medicaid provider number? *
Please tell us about your specialty or niche. List any certifications, previous experience, or any other information that informs us about your ability to work with that population(s). *
Have you worked as an independent contract therapist before (vs. working as a W2 employee)? *
Please describe any previous work as a contract therapist? (or say "N/A") *
Have you used cloud based medical records software before (Therapy Notes, Simple Practice, TheraNest, etc.)? *
Why do you want to practice in a group practice? Why Elevation Counseling? *
What are your typical note taking practices (when and where and how do you prefer to do your notes)? *
Are there any ages or types of clients you prefer to see?  Any that you prefer not to see? *
Can you provide counseling sessions at least 3 days a week and / or at least 15 sessions per week? *
Would you like to see clients in our office, in schools, via telehealth or a combination? (check all that apply) *
Credentialing and paneling with insurance can take up to two months. Are you able to wait a month or two before seeing clients through Elevation? *
What are your main therapeutic modalities? *
Are you able to provide therapy in Spanish? (not a requirement) *
Please describe your ideal schedule (days and times, number of clients/sessions per week). *
Are you interested in seeing clients nights and/or weekends? *
Anything else you would like us to know about you?
Thank you for taking the time to respond. We will reach out shortly.
If you haven't already, please email your cover letter and resume to office@elevationcounseling.com.
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