Brave + Boss 30-day Group Coaching Mastermind Application
I'm putting together a pay-what-you-can 30-day group coaching/mastermind for ecommerce businesses who've been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you're interested in applying, and can commit to 1-hour weekly zoom calls, please fill out the below application. Applications will be reviewed and confirmed in 7 days! We're looking for a max of 8-10 people. Each call will have brief coaching, mastermind roundtable and Q+A. Information is confidential.
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This group/mastermind is pay what you can for 30 days. You'll have the option to pay anywhere from the price of a latte to a nice take out meal for 2. Max 6-10 people in the group. Group is only for 30 days. Do you agree to these terms? (Type yes if so!) *
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