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You may upload up to 5 similar images per form. Be sure that the tags entered below apply to all the images. Please start a new form for a different set of tags. Please upload at the highest resolution available. Files may be no larger than 10MB each. If you have larger files, please contact us at!
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Please carefully describe the image, such as the crops or foods photographed, locations (state, country), what is happening (plowing, planting, applying pesticide, genome editing, grafting), and other important details that will help us tag the image appropriately so people can find them in image searches. List these as comma-separated terms (farm, fertilizer, tractor, soybeans, Wisconsin, USA).
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Tell us your preference on where to share the image. We may upload images to premium stock photo sites like Adobe Stock, iStockphoto, or Shutterstock, where producers, journalists, and others will license them to appear in their work. Or, we may upload them to Pixabay where they will be available for free, and could appear anywhere. If you are not sure, we can decide for you based on the photo!
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Do you or your organization wish to be publicly credited for your image, or do you wish to remain anonymous? You may use the other option to add your organization.
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We hate to have to do it, but we've got to bring out the terms. This is to make sure you own the rights to the image, and that you are handing the rights to us so we can publish it. We also need to make sure that anyone in the photo consented to have their photograph released.
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