Marketing Assistant for Jayla Koriyan LLC
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Tell us about your business and how you typically serve your clients (if applicable) and/or your prior experience working on content marketing projects? *
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Part of this position is coming up with titles for youtube videos. Using this thumbnail for reference, can you please give us your pitch for a title for this video? *
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For the question below about softwares, we don't expect you to know every software. Also, please note the scale: Scale 1-4, 1= I don't know this yet, 2=I know it a little bit, 3=proficient, 4= very proficient
How well do you know the following softwares? *
I know something similar
Youtube Creator Studio
Later (or similar social media scheduler)
Asana (project management software)
Are you open and capable to take voice notes/things verbally talked out at meetings and turn them into storyboard/ caption/other content in written word to use for marketing material? The CEO loves to talk out marketing material/ideas, and this role may turn into using her voice notes to create outlines and social media content.
Tell us in 1-3 paragraphs about why you are a good fit for this position!
Is there anything else you would like for us to know? (Any assessments you’ve taken like Meyers-Brigg, Kolbe, Human Design, Enneagram, etc?)
How did you learn about this position?
Do you have any pets? (Jayla’s got a cute puppy named Harlem)
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