Flood Wall Street West Endorsement
One year ago, thousands of us flooded Wall Street in New York, taking mass direct action in the heart of a global financial system that’s fueling the climate crisis.

Now, a year later, people across the continent are preparing and organizing for #FloodTheSystem, a continental uprising against the economic and political systems threatening our survival.

To kick off #FloodTheSystem, we’re going to Flood Wall Street West: San Francisco’s financial district. Flood Wall Street West will consist of a tour of shame of some of the worst corporate and political bad actors in San Francisco’s financial district. We will take mass direct action to shut down business as usual and highlight the connections between the climate crisis, capitalism, exploitation and oppression.

Come dressed in blue. We’ll have everything else you need, including chant sheets, banners, signs, props and art.

This is direct action for everybody. While many of us will risk arrest, everyone can participate safely, whether or not you’re willing to go to jail. We will lead a legal briefing and nonviolent direct action training before the march to make sure that everyone is prepared to participate.

We are seeking endorsements for Flood Wall Street West, if your organization can support please fill out the form.

Organized by the Flood Wall Street West Welcoming Committee
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