CBP's Virtual School Facilitation + Enrichment!

Virtual School E-Learning Day Camp - brought to you by CBP Martial Arts Academy Orlando is perfect for students not going back to face-to-face for students that are participating in either OCPS Virtual School, Florida Virtual School, OCPS LaunchED, or a similar remote learning platform.

This is a way for your student to participate in an OCPS or FLVS school program, in a small group setting and a positive environment with other students, friends, and family!  We want to bring our families the flexibility to be able to return to work and give your child a positive, safe, small-group setting, and mentally and emotionally stimulating environment.


Based on your selection of virtual schooling, your child may be dropped off at CBP Martial Arts Academy as early as 7:45 am.  Students will have monitored schooling during the hours that are designated within their selected virtual school programs.  Students will be monitored by a staff member who is responsible for making sure that students stay on task, help with school questions or work, and also help the students to follow our social distancing guidelines and procedures.


This is Phase 1 of our virtual school “Learning-Camp” style program. This program will continue to evolve and make necessary improvements as deemed necessary. As this school year is uncharted territory for everyone involved, please know that we are making every effort to support the enrichment and growth of our youth!
We hope that we are able to provide you some relief in knowing that your child is attending a small, safe, and positive environment.  We want all of our students to have the opportunity to be with friends and family while continuing to learn and grow.


Part 1: Before School: FREE (7:45am - 8:45am)

Part 2: Virtual School: $99/wk (8:45am - 3pm)
~ 4-5 days: $99/wk
~ 3 days: $70/wk
~ 2 days: $50/wk
~ 1 day: $30/wk

Part 3: Capoeira Martial Arts After School Program: $67/wk (3pm - 6:15pm)
~ 4-5 days: $67/wk
~ 3 days: $57/wk
~ 2 days: $40/wk
~ 1 day: $20/wk
~ Includes daily Capoeira Martial Arts classes

Registration Fee:
1. Free registration for current members
2. $55 includes CBP uniform shirt and uniform pants

1. Additional Uniform Shirt $20
2. "Life Mastery - Lite" Children's personal development program: $60/month (Reg: $99/mo) *See below for program details

1. Laptop computer & charger
2. Headphones
3. Login & password information
5. Lunch and snacks
6. Water bottle
7. Students should wear a CBP shirt (or pants) and those participating in the After School program should make sure to pack their full uniform for class (or wear it here)


We are implementing these policies as an effort to keep your child, your family, and our staff as safe as possible. These policies are subject to change as we deem fit.

Covid Symptoms: If your child or someone living in your home is displaying COVID-19 symptoms or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they will not be allowed to attend.

Upon Arrival: Parents must drop off their children outside our facility. Students will remove their shoes and put them in a cubby at the entrance. A staff member will greet them and take their temperature. Students will immediately sanitize their hands upon entering with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

Parent Pickup: Parents may pick up their children by pulling up in your car to our walkway or walk up to the building. We will bring your child out once you have arrived.

Camp Staff: Staff members will undergo a temperature check upon arrival and will be sanitizing high touch surfaces throughout the day

How Do I Enroll?
1. Completely fill out this online registration form.
2. A staff member will contact you to confirm your child's spot in our program within two business days
3. Secure your spot with your first week's payment.
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Life Mastery Training - Lite (Children's transformative personal development program) *
The Life Mastery Training (Lite) is a transformative personal growth program that covers topics that lead to fulfillment, accountability, increased confidence, happiness, and more. Topics include "Finding Your North Star", Self-Confidence, developing our own Creative Genius, Learning from Failure, the Mastermind principle, Taking Initiative, Leadership, Growth Mindset, and more! Imagine a course where Bruce Lee and Tony Robins' philosophies meet - this is Life Mastery Training! Life Mastery Training, we will set the foundation for lifelong habits and skills for happiness and success. When children are taught a growth mindset and personal growth at a young age as part of an evolving curriculum they will be light-years beyond previous generations who did not learn this. This training gives students an advantage like no other - with the weekly support from their mentor, mental stimulation exercises, weekly group discussions just to name a few. Life Mastery Training empowers children to become their happiest, most fulfilled, most confident, and best true selves. Meetings currently take place every Wednesday at 3:20pm. Students receive a free Life Mastery Training workbook, journal, and roadmap.
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