Sunday Bulletin & Email  Announcements Submission Form
You can submit items to be included in the Sunday morning printed bulletin announcements and/or the weekly "Come to Worship" email.

Ideally, submissions would be made by Wednesdays, 12pm.

NOTE: There is much less space available for the Sunday print bulletins than for the email.  We will try to accommodate requests as best we can, though some may ultimately only be able to appear in the weekly email newsletter even if you request having it in the print bulletin.

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Please include the actual date(s) rather than writing something like, "Run the next 3 weeks."  As a general rule, we do not run blurbs more than 4 weeks prior to their events.  If you think your blurb should run earlier than this, feel free to submit it.
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(E.g.: "June 19-22: Register for Summerfest" or "Apply for Presbyterian Youth Council")
Date(s) of Event (if applicable)
Write in the following format: "Mon Dec 1, 2018" or "Mon - Wed Dec 1-3, 2017" if event is over a range of days
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Include a start time and, if possible, an end time (e.g. 10am-12pm)
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Include the name of the place and the street address and the room name, if applicable (if the event is at TAPC, you do not have to include the address; just write TAPC and the applicable location on site)
Brief Description of Event or News Item
This is the main body of the announcement blurb. PLEASE TRY TO BE AS BRIEF AS POSSIBLE, ideally no more than 2-3 sentences; if that is not possible, send what you have then.  ***INCLUDE ANY REGISTRATION OR RSVP DEADLINE DATES AND TIMES IN YOUR BLURB, IF APPLICABLE***
Contact person's name and preferred method of contact to include in the blurb in case the reader has questions (if applicable)
Typical methods of contact are phone numbers and email addresses.
Website address if there is a website/webpage with more information on the event.
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