Business Income for Self-Employed Taxpayers
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What is the amount of your gross receipts or sales for 2015?
What is the amount of returns & allowances, if any, for 2015?
What is Your Method of Valuing Inventory
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What was the value of your inventory at the beginning of the year?
What was the value of your inventory at the end of the year?
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Advertising Costs
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Contract Labor/Outside Services/1099 Employees
Depreciation Expense, if calculated
Employee Benefits/Health Insurance for non-owners
Insurance Costs
Mortgage Interest
Other Interest Expense
Legal and Professional Fees
Office Supplies/Office Expenses
Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
Rent of Vehicles, Equipment, Machinery, etc
Rent of Land and Buildings
Repairs and Maintenance
Taxes and Licenses
Meals and Entertainment (total amount spent)
Travel and Lodging Costs
Wages (to non-owners)
Other expenses (please list description and dollar amount)
# of Business Miles Driven (doesn't include commuting to and from work)
# of Total Miles Driven
Automobile Costs (typically for company owned vehicles with little or no personal use)
Was Your Vehicle Available for Personal Use on Off-Duty Hours?
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Do You (or Your Spouse) Have Another Vehicle Available for Personal Use?
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Do You Have Written Evidence to Support Your Vehicle Deductions?
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Health Insurance Premiums Paid in 2015
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