Globe Town Common Vision Review
We would like your feedback on the events and activities that Roman Road Trust has organised in Globe Town for the past 18 months as part of the Globe Town Common Vision project.

As you know, our mission has been to involve local residents, community groups and high street businesses in future plans for the area through a programme of activities, events, workshops and consultations.

Public events
Public events that have been held in Globe Town during the past 18 months include: Music on the Square in December 2017 and the Christmas event this December 2018, both held on Globe Town Market Square; Globe Town Common Vision Knees Up at The Larder in March 2018; Globe Town Assembly public meeting & up-cycling workshop on Globe Town Market Square in July 2018, and several consultation stalls on market days.
Have you been aware of or been engaged in any events on the high street? *
Which event did you like the most? *
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Have you discovered somewhere new as a direct result of these events? *
This could be a cultural venue such as Four Corners and Art Represent or an evening leisure venue such as the Florist Arms pub.
Would you like to see more events in Globe Town? *
Reported crime
Here we would like to know if you feel safe in Globe Town, if you feel any of the activities over the last 18 months have had a positive impact on crime, and what you think are the most important ways to continue reducing crime rates in Globe Town.
What do you feel is the most common crime in Globe Town? *
Have you been personally impacted by any of the above listed crimes? *
What do you think is the most effective way of tackling crime: *
Street markets
The Council is considering improvements to Globe Town Market Square. Ideas for improvements were shared and discussed at a series of events including: Public Realm Workshop in December 2017 at St. Margaret's House; Ideas for Globe Town Market Workshop with Morpeth Secondary School Year 8s in December 2017; Branding Workshop in May 2018 at Cranbrook Community Centre, and Event Proposal Workshop with Morpeth Sixth Form students in October 2018.
Have you been informed by the Council or Roman Road Trust about the Council's plans for improving the street market and the square? *
Following the activities of the last 18 months, do you feel more hopeful about the future of Globe Town Market Square? *
Would you be interested, or do you know someone who would be interested, in running a stall on Globe Town Market Square? *
Retail offer
Here, we would like to find out if visitors are satisfied with what Globe Town has to offer as a town centre. This can include things such as the variety in the retail offer, attractiveness of the high-street, way-finding, events etc.
Which of the following do you think has improved over the last 18 months? *
Please tick no more than two options.
In this section we would like to find out how satisfied you are with the public spaces around Globe Town; what, if anything, has been improved, and what you think would improve things further.
Which of the following do you think has improved the public spaces in the Globe Town area? *
Please tick no more than two options.
Over the past 18 months RRT has helped a series of local groups develop and progress exciting projects for Globe Town. Projects include: Globe Town Assembly; Plastic Free Roman Road; and opening the underpass between Queen Mary University and Meath Gardens.
Do you think it is a good idea to open up the underpass between Queen Mary University and Meath Gardens? *
The underpass reopening would create the possibility of 15,000 QMUL students visiting Roman Road to make use of the high street's offer.
Would you support a project that encourages less plastic on the high street? *
Plastic Free Roman Road is an environmental campaign with the aim of decreasing single-use plastics on the high street and encouraging alternatives such as re-usable items.
Are you interested in joining the Globe Town Assembly or do you know someone who would be? *
Globe Town Assembly is a group of local residents, businesses and community group representatives who meet regularly. Over the past months, RRT helped the GTA become a constituted group and develop the skills and ability to lead projects and work in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council and other local stakeholders about plans for the area.
One of the main aims of Roman Road Trust's Globe Town Common Vision initiative was to increase and strengthen the connections between local people and those in power. We believe that a community is more empowered if it has better connections.
Community cohesion
In this section we would like to know if RRT's activities helped strengthen your relationships with other local residents, community groups or other local stakeholders. Please consider connections that might lead to collaborating with other locals/community groups or any other professional opportunity.
I have made new connections which I expect to continue to make use of. *
Do you feel more part of the community?
Not at all
Very much
Partnership working
In this section we would like to find out how you would describe your relationship with the local authority.
Do you feel you have had an opportunity to have your say about the future of Globe Town? *
Do you know who to speak to at the council regarding your town centre? *
Do you know who your local Councillor is? *
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