FABlab @ Creative Spark Questionnaire
Fab Foundation Ireland are conducting feasibility study to investigate the viability of establishing a FabLab at Creative Spark. This questionnaire will only take 15 minutes of your time and will provide crucial information on how a FabLab might be used at Creative Spark.
What is a FabLab?
A FabLab (Digital Fabrication Laboratory) is halfway between a laboratory and a workshop it's a place where you can make (almost) anything, where both small children and inventors can turn an idea into reality.

FabLab came into life as an outreach project from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Centre for Bits and Atoms (CBA). Inside the Lab is state of the art computer controlled machinery that includes a 3D printer, a laser cutter, CNC router, full electronics station and a large scale vinyl cutter. Equipment and materials that can be used today to do what will be possible with tomorrow’s personal fabricators.

FabLabs have spread from inner-city Boston to rural India, from South Africa, the Basque Region and to the North of Norway and now number over 600. Activities in FabLabs range from technological empowerment to peer-to-peer project-based technical training to local problem-solving to small-scale high-tech business incubation to grass-roots research. Projects being developed and produced in FabLabs include solar and wind-powered turbines, thin-client computers and wireless data networks, analytical instrumentation for agriculture and healthcare, custom housing, and rapid-prototyping of rapid-prototyping machines

The mixture of equipment and open access enables anyone to use FabLab, novices through to experienced engineers can make something within the space, with skilled technical staff on hand to assist you through the process of making your idea come to reality. For more information please visit www.fabfoundation.org

Q1. Which of the following best describes the sector you operate in? *
Q2. If Private, please specify size and sector *
Your answer
Q3. Have you ever heard of FABlabs before? (if no go to Q7) *
Q4. Have you ever used FABlabs before?
Q5. If yes, are you likely to use their services again?
Q6. Why?
Your answer
Q7. What you think the primary purpose of a FABlab at Creative Spark would be? (Please Rank from 1-7, 1 being the most important 7 being the least) *
Access to digital maker tools and technical support.
Supporting new creative tech startups & enterprises.
Promoting Maker technology as a learning experience.
Provide skills based training in new technologies.
Provide an innovative community resource.
Develop a creative community of maker practitioners using digital tools.
Create new employment opportunities with the North East
Q8. What services would you most be interested in? *
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Use of FABlab
Q9. How important is digital design and manufacturing to you? (if not go to Q11) *
Q10 If moderate or more in what way? *
Your answer
Q11. Do you expect to be using digital design and/or manufacturing in the next year *
Q12. If no, why?
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Q13. Who should a FABlab at Creative Spark activities be aimed at please pick the top 5.
Q13.a If other please explain.
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Training Workshops & FABlab Service
Q14. Would you or the clients you work with be interested in learning about digital design and fabrication through learning workshops? *
Q15. Ideal duration of this?
Q16. What would you be interested in? *
Q17a. How much would you be prepared to pay for this? *
1 Hour
Q17b. How much would you be prepared to pay for this? *
2 Hour
Q17c. How much would you be prepared to pay for this? *
Half day
Q17d. How much would you be prepared to pay for this? *
Full day
Q18. Would you be interested in being a Member of a FABlab? *
Q19. How much would you pay for a monthly membership? *
Q20. What would you expect from this membership? *
Q21. Would you partner with a FABlab at Creative Spark if you are part of an organisation? *
Q22. How might you imagine this to be?
Your answer
Q23. What benefits/impacts do you think working with FABlab will bring to you, or your organisation/clients? *
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Q24. Do you think there is a wider strategic fit for FABlab within County Louth? *
Q25. If so, where?
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Business to Business
Q26. Do you or your business require design and/or fabrication services? (if no go to Question 33) *
Q27. How often would you expect to use this service?
Q28. Would you pay for this Service?
Q29. Do you ever use external providers for the following?
Q30. If yes then who?
Q31. What is the annual spend on this?
Q32. Would you consider using FABlabs?
Q33. Any other comments?
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