Costume Con 35 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade Registration
** You can still register at the convention at the Masquerade tables. Completing this form and submitting lighting and sound will just save you time, letting you enjoy more of the convention.

Please see the website for more information:

Step One - Entry details - title of entry, division, what the MC should read, etc. You can submit this form or bring the information to the registration desk at the convention with your sound, documentation, and waiver before 8PM Friday.

Step Two - Agreement to Masquerade Rules (signatures from all group members indicating agreement to the Masquerade rules), and signing up for a tech rehearsal slot. Must be done in-person.

The SF&F Masquerade will have two categories of entry:

Original Design costumes are costumes whose design is the creation of the contestant, even though it may be inspired by an illustration or written description of an SF, fantasy, or other source.

Re-creation costumes are duplicates or design adaptations of the published visual work of someone other than the contestant. Their design is copied from a film, television show, theatrical presentation, illustration, comic, work of art, or other medium showing at least one good view of the work copied. Examples of re-creation sources include (yet are not limited to) games, graphic novels, Japanese media, paintings, photos, movies, and TV shows.

For more information about the categories, please see the main SF&F Masquerade page (

This Google Form allows you to complete Step One of the process. Once you have completed the Google Form, you still need to register at the convention at the Masquerade table for a rehearsal time slot and sign your waiver.

Please note that you will not be officially registered until we have received and reviewed your signed form and your documentation. At this time, your digital submission will be verified by the SF&F Masquerade staff.

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Commissioned or purchased costumes must be entered out of competition as space allows.
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