Expansion Survey
As Ottawa Swordplay moves forward, we want to expand our offerings in a way that meets our students' needs.
Are you a student of Ottawa Swordplay?
If you are not a student, what stopped you from attending classes?
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What days of the week would you most like to see classes added (or continue)?
If every day of the week was available, how many days would you attend classes at Ottawa Swordplay?
If we expand our course offerings, would you rather see more general classes for different skill levels, or more different classes for specific weapons (or something else)?
What weapons would you take courses for if they were available?
What other types of activities would you like to see at Ottawa Swordplay
What amenities/facilities would you like to have at a dedicated Ottawa Swordplay training space?
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Is there anything else that would make you more likely to attend our classes?
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