Fall 2022 DNE Sponsored Work Weekends at CTT
What a season we've had! Let's come together again to put CTT to bed for the winter. 
Join in community, help CTT, celebrate, reconnect, and recharge our spirits on the land we love so much.

These two work weekends are sponsored by Dance New England. We had previously announced a third, but this is it for DNE Fall 2022 weekends. You can come to one or both - even just a day. 

Weekends are Friday through Sunday:
  • Oct 14-16, DNE

  • Oct 28-30, DNE

Arrive after 3pm on Friday and stay no later than 5pm on Sunday.
Join the community for the full weekend, or come for a part of it. You can even come for just a single day.



It is widely accepted that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can catch the current variant, and both have near equal chances of spreading Covid. The best ways to protect a group is:
  • Minimize Covid entering the event.
  • Isolate from it if it develops.
  • Choose masking (when close or inside).
In the past, our group decided to honor personal choice regarding when to mask. In order to create a similar sense of community, where people may personally decide to remove masks indoors....

We will follow these protocols: (This is a new policy and it may change if the organizers deem it necessary.)

  • Anyone can wear a mask or not, at any time, as they choose. We will strive to make available separate sleeping and eating areas for folks who are being cautious about sharing space with unmasked people. There will be ribbons available for people to indicate their comfort level with physical contact. 
  • Everyone is required to rapid test negative upon arrival, or test negative directly before you leave home. The event can provide tests. If you test at home, take a photo of your negative test.
  • Each morning during the weekend, everyone will put on a mask upon waking and wear it until testing negative.
  • If a participant tests positive OR develops apparent symptoms, even with a negative test, they must leave the site at the earliest possibility. Please have a plan in place how you might achieve departure.
  • We ask that you not attend if you’ve been in close contact with somebody with active Covid or are experiencing Covid-like symptoms in the (5 or 10) days before the weekend, even if you are testing negative.
  • Please, we beseech you: Avoid exposure to unmasked gatherings in the (3-5) days before the event, particularly large group gatherings.
  • Yes, attendance is free! You provide the labor and community, we provide food, lodging, work, and fun!
  • Veggie and non-veggie food will be provided. We all help clean up!
  • If you have further specific food needs, please bring your own. (However, fridge space is limited.)
  • If you are a builder/maker type, bring your labeled tools (be in touch about specifics).
  • Youths who can participate in work projects are welcome. There will be no childcare. This is not an event for youth who cannot participate in work. 
Do I really have to pre-register to come? (Yes) 
Can’t I just show up? (No)
  • We need to plan the projects and food ahead of time.
  • These dates are coming soon. Get them fixed in your calendar now.
Our registrar, Beth, will contact you to confirm and answer any additional questions.
Email: BeMaGarn@Yahoo.com

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Oct 28-30: Are you available and coming? *
Stay for Oct 28-30: Where are you hoping to sleep *
Arrival and notes for Oct 28-30: Specify planned arrival and departure days and times. Also indicate here, any Covid-19 sleeping arrangement concerns for the registrar. Or other date specific notes. *
Rapid tests. We will be testing upon arrival and at least every morning. How is your supply?  (If you are planning on testing at home directly before leaving, please bring a cell phone photo of the negative result.) *
Covid Questions: Please indicate here any concerns or questions about our Covid protocols. Indicate if you want somebody to contact you.
Skills: Do you have any of the following skills/interests/abilities? (multiple checks possible)
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Cook at home: Might you be interested in preparing a dish in advance and bringing it to the weekend? We will contact you.
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Covid Protocols: I agree to follow the protocols stipulated above and any changes specified before and during the weekend by the organizers. This may include decisions about masking, eating, and task participation. *
Media Release: I grant permission for Dance New England or Camp Timber Trails to use any photos or images of myself, and listed minority-age participants, for promotional purposes; and to similarly use any written or verbal statements made during participation in these weekends. *
Waiver: I am digitally signing the release of liability, linked here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X08oN970wd2AmuM0DuSmESGnWKg4z_DG7LZH6-a6i74/edit?usp=sharing *
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