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True or False: Germs are pervasive in our environment and are easily spread through contact with others, surfaces, and inhalation/ingestion. *
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Which of the following has the CDC recommended for infection prevention and control? *
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True or False: The EPA list N is a list of products that meet the EPAs criteria for use against the virus that causes COVID-19. *
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In addition to the importance of products being on the EPA list N and being an EPA registered disinfectant, what other criteria is important to have: *
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True or False: It is NOT important to communicate your property’s priority for cleaning and disinfection to your guests. *
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True or False: It is important to give extra time and attention to surfaces with higher frequency touch points like door handles, keypads, sink faucets, and lobby desks? *
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Soft surfaces require different products, some other priorities to consider are:
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