Subscribing Sterly
Over the past 30 years, the frequency and diversity of disease outbreaks have been growing steadily making the constant fight against viruses and bacteria a norm in modern life.
This is why we created Sterly that will protect you and your family. Specifically designed for portability and convenience, mercury-free Sterly is simple to use, works straight away, and fits in your pocket or purse.
Sterly is equipped with a 265nm-wavelength UVC light, so in just 5-15 seconds, it can disinfect an item by inactivating 99.9% of germs on it.

With the recent studies showing that Sterly is effective against COVID-19. It is the best suitable for your daily life.

Please leave us your email and we can notify you when we start our Kickstarter project. You can have Sterly at a very limited discounted price.

With your support, we can accelerate the usage of a safe and workable UVC tool among the general public. Sterly can help improve the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.
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