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2017 is an exciting year with the dry-in stages of our home build well under way. One thing we are passionate about is giving others an opportunity to learn hands on how a home is built, make new friends and strengthen the community of people seeking a more self sufficient life.

Organization and structure are key to the success of the build, but also too, you feeling positive about the time and effort you're committing to the project. To do this, we review carefully those who indicate an interest and commitment to helping. It's our way of showing that we take your effort seriously and greatly appreciate the many hands that will be needed to see this project through.

There are various opportunities to help on this project. For more details and to see who this opportunity is good for, keep reading!

We will host a number of workshops for this build. These will likely be between 1-3 days each and likely on weekends, but can happen at any time to accommodate the build schedule. Preference to attendees will be to those that are interested in helping with numerous aspects of the build. Tuition will be $25/person per workshop to cover costs of outhouses, food and other overhead.

The timber frame workshop the week of October 29-Nov 3 (conducted by Shelter Institute from Maine) will be roughly a $2,000 investment per person. Space is limited to 16 attendees.

We are open to help between official workshops on our property. If you look at our rough building schedule, there are endless tasks to be done. However, we don't know exactly what tasks we'll do when, so if you're interested in helping between workshops, we ask that you give us specific dates you can commit to, and be okay with working on whatever needs working on in that time frame.

Northern Idaho. Location specifics will be provided through invitations.

Opportunities are limited to ensure everyone gets to be hands-on and enjoy a tight-knit learning community. Some stages require up to 10 people, while other stages require fewer hands.

For the individual or couple that is passionate about learning different stages of a real-life owner build or someone that already has experience with such things and finds value in helping with our build and being part of a tight-knit community of like-minded people.

We're NOT looking for people that think we're just trying to get free labor out of people so that we have less work to do or that we intend to profit from the labor of others. It is our genuine goal to share this rare opportunity with others who desire to do something similar and find value in hands on learning, being a part of a small family / community and furthering their experience.

Preference will be given to folks who:
- Seem to have a story and background that lends well to being involved in this type of project
- Are available, interested, and see benefit to helping us with further aspects of the build throughout the remainder of the year and possibly beyond if we open up more opportunities (See home building timeline below)
- Demonstrate a strong work ethic / desire to learn and be part of a team
- Are close(ish) in proximity: we acknowledge that plane travel multiple times within a year isn't feasible for everyone, especially on short(ish) notice
- Who are willing and able to attend more than one event/workshop

Once you submit the form, add our email list to your contacts list so you don't miss a potential invitation. Yes, this happened once already! Email is awesome but also has its downfalls!



July 2017:
Complete water system
Begin excavation of home site
Build and pour footings (WORKSHOP July 29-31)

August 2017:
Build and pour ICF concrete walls (WORKSHOP August 5-7)
Install drainage, waterproofing and backfill walls
Install plumbing hydronic below slab
Build and pour garage slab

September - October 2017:
Build first floor structure
Install Warmboard hydronic subfloor
Mill logs into beams and lumber
Cut some repetitive members for timber frame (braces, rafters, floor joists etc)
Timber frame workshop (WORKSHOP week of October 23-27)

November 2017:
Install SIP panels
Install roofing
Install doors and windows

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