Nights Away Notification Form (NAN)
Nights Away Notification Form (NAN) - Northern Europe District - British Scouting Overseas
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This form provides the information a Commissioner needs to APPROVE an event to take place (ie POR 9.1b/9.1c). Each group attending a Nights Away event (even an Area/County or District event) will need to submit this information.

The form below can be used to submit all of the necessary information to the District Commissioner. In normal circumstances this form should be submitted SEVEN days before the event.

Menus, programmes and other paperwork are NOT required with this form.
In order to make the Nights Away notification process a little more accessible, it is now possible to submit your notifications using this online form. The form records all submissions in a database, enabling interesting reports to be generated afterwards. Once you have completed the form, an email will be sent to the District Commissioner and you should receive confirmation for the event very soon afterwards.

If your event includes a Visit Abroad, new guidance will soon be issued by the Scout Association and British Scouting Overseas on the rules for these trips from 2017.

We have tried to keep this form as simple as possible, let us know if you think we can improve it further.
DATA PROTECTION: This form is used to collect information about you and your team for the purpose of approving this nights away activity, this is to be used by your Commissioner. As part of this form we collect personal data about you and your team, this detail is required so that we can check that everyone meets the membership and vetting requirements for the event and that appropriate permit holders are in place. We do not share your personal data provided in this form with any third parties. We take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored (based on local arrangements) and we will keep the data we capture from this form for 2 months after the event for any queries that arise then it will be securely destroyed.
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