A room of one's own
This is the application form for the 2020 events, if you NEED TO APPLY FOR FUNDING.
Note: we will prioritize funding mathematicians with intense daily human care responsibilities.
Also, the funding is currently applicable to mathematicians living and working in the US.

APPLICATIONS RECEIVED BEFORE March 31, 2020 will receive full consideration for the April event.

But we welcome all mathematicians, with or without human care responsibilities, and living and working anywhere in the world, to join us for the event, without funding.
Please return to the homepage and use the other application form if you are NOT requesting funding.

CARE: intense daily human care responsibilities could include child care, sickness care, disability care, special needs care, elder care, dementia care, and other forms of care.

HOW FUNDING WILL IMPACT YOUR RESEARCH, AND IN PARTICULAR WRITING: We aim to pay for a hotel for two nights for each participant. In the application form below, please help the three organizers understand how receiving hotel funding for this event could impact your research success this year. We will keep this information confidential. If you would require other funding additionally in order to participate (for example, if it would be essential to pay a carer to take over your duties), please describe this below and we will see how we can work creatively with you. We will keep this information confidential.

HOTEL COSTS: When estimating hotel costs, it is a good idea to look now at what it would cost to book a specific hotel.
It should be a hotel where you feel safe, and you think you could work well over the weekend.
This could include considering aspects such as: where to get coffee and meals, where you could take a walk if you need a break, how to coordinate with a carer to pick up expressed milk for an infant at home, etc.

COMMUNICATIONS BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE EVENT: We believe in funding a room of one's own for mathematicians who will benefit from qualitatively different time to focus on finishing a paper. We are arranging for this to happen on a coordinated national scale both to capitalize on a feeling of solidarity, and to ensure that this is a community event, which can receive funding from our current limited sources. Leading up to each event (one in February and one in April), the organizing team will send a few emails to help participants get ready for optimal usage of the weekend. During the weekend, coaches will communicate with teams (organized by time zone). This communication will be very sparse, and will likely be via slack instead of email, so participants can ignore all emails during the weekend. After the weekend, the organizing team will send out a few more emails, and will request that all participants report back on the impact of the weekend.

WHY HAVE COACHES? We have some experience with writing referee reports at home while a co-carer takes the rest of the family on vacation, or working in a hotel while a co-carer deals with a sobbing baby, stomach flu, and who knows what else at home. Guilt can set in. Meals can fall by the wayside. By organizing participants loosely by time zone, and sending out a few sparse communications around meal times, dusk, etc., we aim to keep the mood up, the pace strong, and the ambitions high.

COACHES: if you want to volunteer to be a coach for your time zone, please indicate so below on the form. Being a coach should only take a few minutes of your time during the weekend, and should not interfere with your own participation. We aim to have a couple coaches per time zone. Before the event, the coaches for the time zone would figure out how to register the participants of that time zone into a group on slack. During the event, the coaches would communicate with the time zone team a few times a day, roughly around meal times or likely break times, to keep a sense of community and a positive mood.
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Please tell us about your human care responsibilities and how this hotel funding could impact your research success this year. (Confidential, read only by the three organizers.) In particular note that this event is intended to foster RESEARCH-WRITING activities. *
Would you require additional funding in order to participate? Please help us understand. (Confidential, read only by the three organizers)
All accepted participants must agree to receive coaching emails before and after the event, and carefully moderated communications during the event. When people agree to participate, a common-sense code of conduct will be adopted, to ensure the ethos of the event is welcoming, encouraging and respectful, so we can all do our best work. *
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