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Redstone Residential Mangement has permission to give all information given above to interested buyers. *
No funds will be transferred from your account to your buyer's account, or to the buyer directly; this includes any security deposit or last month's rent money.  Incentives made to the buyer must be completed without office involvement. *
Parking passes are non-transferable and cannot be offered to new residents. *
You, as the seller, will be responsible for your contract until your buyer has 1) Completed the transfer form, 2) Signed the Application/Lease Agreement, and 3) Paid the Security Deposit.  The office will not be held responsible for incomplete contract sales. *
Refunds of security deposit and last month's rent are completed within 30 days following contract completion.  Contract completion refers to the last date of lease responsibility. *
There is a $50 contract transfer fee that will be charged (at completion) for the selling of the contract.  If unpaid, the fee will be taken from the security deposit. *
Due to the competitive nature of contract transfers, buyers may be talking to more than one seller.  It is the seller's responsibility to encourage the buyer through the contract transfer process. *
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