Share Your Story
Dear Friends,
The Media ministry is inviting volunteers to share their experiences around how their lives have been positively affected as a result of their involvement in the ministry at Mt. Ennon.  According to Mark 5:19, we are to “…Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you."  Sharing your testimony is important; it has the power to change lives.  It is our hope that your story will encourage others to become involved as well.
Please review the following information, as it will guide you in preparing to share an impactful testimony that will encourage others and recruit disciples for the Kingdom of God:
What story should I share? Please select from the topics described below:
  Testimony Impact
How have your spiritual, medical, personal, financial (especially with regards to the act of tithing) challenges lead to a breakthrough?
  Service Impact
How has serving in a particular ministry positively changed your life?
  Baptism Impact
How has getting baptized positively changed your life?
  Ministry Impact
How has outreach from a particular ministry positively changed your life?
  Mission/Outreach Impact
How has Mt. Ennon’s humanitarian and evangelical efforts impacted the community?
How do I share my story?
  Leave a message at 301-238-4988 
  Sign-up sheet in the Narthex
  Send email to
  Select the Share Your Story tab on the website
  Upload video testimony to dedicated dropbox site
What happens when I am contacted to share my story?
  Within the week of receiving the volunteer’s contact information, a member of the Media Team will contact volunteers to discuss their testimony and schedule when the testimony will be shot in the studio
  Discuss the format of the testimony, time constraints and formulate the script
  Advice about attire: modest and professional, NO GREEN (will not show up on screen)
When can I come out to share my story? 
  1st Thursdays
  2nd and 3rd Saturdays
  4th Tuesdays
  As scheduled with the member and the team
How can I organize my thoughts to be able to impactfully share my story?
A member of the Media Impact Team will help you formulate a script to guide you that will use the following format: Please review often to ensure you are comfortable with sharing your story.
  Greet the congregation and introduce yourself by name.
  Share your story in your own words, being sure to indicate the topic as described above.
  Briefly describe the challenge, problem or struggle leading up to the breakthrough.
  Describe the breakthrough/outcome/result of your decision to draw closer to God.
  Conclude your story by encouraging others to take action.
What happens when I come out to share my story?
  Media Team member will be onsite to guide/coach the volunteer during the shoot
  Volunteer will sign a Multimedia Consent and Release Form authorizing use of the testimony
  Tour of Studio and introduction of Team members present
  Review the testimony per the script discussed during scheduling
  Begin filming
On the day you will share your story, please arrive at the studio at your scheduled time. If you find that you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact or 301-238-4988 as soon as possible to reschedule.
EVERY aspect of your spiritual journey is important.  However, each video, once produced, can only last approximately 90 seconds.  So, please be open to receiving feedback in order to produce the greatest impact within the short time allotted. 
Once filmed, your story may be shared in a variety of contexts, such as Sunday service, Women’s or Men’s events, Revival, etc. Therefore, we are unable to provide a specific date it will be featured. 
Finally, relax and remember to pray for God’s blessing over your testimony and know that you will be blessed for sharing the story of God’s Glory. Please continue to be a blessing!  Encourage others to share their testimony.

If you can video tape your testimony and send it to the link below.
Thank you for your interest in Sharing Your Story.
Many continued blessings,
The Media Impact Team

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