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1st International Fair of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Technologies
About the Fair
Date: 18-19th May 2018.
Place: Savičius st. 15, Vilnius (Vilnius St. Virgin Mary church), Lithuania.

The first international fair of cultural heritage conservation and technologies "Heritas" aims to become an annual event, that brings together international community of cultural heritage professionals and encourages dialogue between freelance specialists, private companies, public institutions, and society.

All freelance specialists (architecture, art research, restoration, moulding, sculpture, archeology, wood processing, furniture restoration, smithery of architectural details, etc.), private companies (restoration, research, building materials (suitable for preservation of cultural heritage), paints, heating and ventilation systems, decoration materials, architects, modern technologies, equipment for research), governmental institutions and etc. are welcome to registrate to the event. We invite you to bring your work to the fair and to present it attractively, interactively, practically and as interesting as possible.

Heritas is a place where new partners can be found, good practice and experience can be shared, new contacts for future projects can be developed, recent technologies can be presented.

All participants are encouraged to present their activities creatively: through education, practical activities, and inspiring communication. E.g., if you are a moulding specialist, you might introduce visitors of the Fair to the particularities of your work and restore artificial decorative elements.

We would like to outline: if you do not have financial possibilities to participate in the Fair, but you can contribute to the organisation of the event by preparing a report, a workshop or some other activities, please, contact the organizers of the event. We are tending to find a personal solution for participation!

If you decide to participate in the Fair and present yourself or your company (institution), please, fill the Registration Form below. The number of participants is limited.

All information, provided in the Registration Form, will be used only for the purposes of organizing Heritas.

More information about the fair to be found here:;

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