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A periodical is a publication that is published in regular intervals for an indefinite period of time. Magazines, journals, and newspapers are all examples of periodicals.
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1a. Which magazine published by Prufrock Press has stories and games?
1b. What is the age group for that magazine?
2a. Which magazine features children's literature, poems, stories, articles, songs, crafts and jokes?
2b. What is the age group for this magazine?
3a. What monthly magazine for kids ages 7 and up features colorful animal photos, funny drawings, and exciting stories that inform children about nature and outdoor adventure?
3b. Could you also read this magazine to find out about how to care for the environment?
4a. Click on "Disney Princess". Which name below is not a princess on this page?
4b. Would you like to read this magazine?
5a. Click on Sports Illustrated for Kids. Are there any basketball articles on this page?
5b. Check off the name of sports that have articles on this page.
6. If you could choose one magazine from this list, what would it be?
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