Youth and Mentoring Summit Feedback
What was your experience like? What did you get out of it? We want to learn from you. Thanks for sharing!

Our goals were to:
+ Build networks across the impactful youth and mentoring student orgs
+ Share resources and best practices for working with children
+ Equip each participant with fresh ideas and skills, useful for their individual development and organization's growth
Did you make connections with others in different youth and mentoring organizations besides the one(s) with which you're involved?
Nope, none.
Yes, I made lots of connections.
If you did find connections, what parts of the Summit supported connections most, and how?
Your answer
Did you learn about resources and deepen your understanding of best practices that are relevant for your work with youth?
Nope, none.
Yes, I learned about lots of them.
If you gained any insights about your work with youth, what is a key one that stands out?
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Did you gain ideas and skills for your personal and/or organization's development?
Nope, none.
Yes, I gained lots of ideas and skills.
If you gained any personal or organizational development ideas or skills, what's one that stands out?
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Did you attend the whole Summit?
What workshop did you attend?
Overall: What was the best part of the Summit?
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Overall: What could be improved about the Summit?
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Any general feedback/comments?
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