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LIRC (Central Library)Annual Feedback 2016
We value feedback from all the users of LIRC and treat your suggestions seriously, as they are an important way of monitoring and improving the services we provide.
If you wish to tell us about an aspect of the LIRC that you are pleased with or share your suggestions for a better library, then let us will only boost our spirits!
Thank You for giving time to consider filling-up of this Web Survey!!
Do you have a library card?
Your Name
How long have you been using the library or any of its facilities?
How often do you visit the LIRC?
Why do you usually come to the LIRC?
Please rate availability of the following resources
Increase the number
Just Sufficient
More than Sufficient
Text Books
Reference Books
Print Journals
Online Journals
CDs and DVDs
Are of you aware of the availability and access of / to the following?
For each of the following, please choose the appropriate number indicating your degree of satisfaction with it
1=Excellent 2=Very Good 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Needs Improvement
Library staff assist me whenever required
Library staff respond accurately to my queries
Library staff are competent and knowledgeable
Which of the following E-resources have you used the most?
How do you prefer access to sample Question Papers available with the library?
Old Question Papers of the Univ. of Mumbai are available for borrowing against Reference Cards
For each of the following facilities, please choose an appropriate number indicating your degree of satisfaction with it:
1=Excellent 2=Very Good 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Needs Improvement
Arrangement of books in the library is good and books are easy to locate
Computer and electronic access facilities are adequate
Library space is adequate
Timings are adequate
Access to e-journals is adequate
Active Users Card facility (for staff and students) is a good initiative
Scholar's Card facility (for students) is noteworthy 
Book Bank facility (for students) is adequate
Question Papers are up-to-date and relevant
Library keeps me informed about new services and collections
What aspect of the LIRC do you like the most?
Any suggestions for improvement or addition of services?
Please suggest some books
Are you aware of the following initiatives taken by the library?
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