Coda User Survey
Thanks for taking part in this survey! As we get ready for mainnet release of Coda, O(1) Labs would like to put together an image of which parts of Coda resonate the most with its early community. We will be publishing the results of this survey (in an anonymized way) to the public so we can all work on the most attractive use cases for Coda.
Please rank from high to low, reasons why you're interested in Coda? *
Top Reason
Second Reason
Third Reason
Fourth Reason
Doesn't apply
Interested in project
Interested in SNARKs
Token grant (Genesis Program)
Professional motives (e.g. running a staking pool, building apps, etc)
Please rank from high to low, why you believe Coda will be a successful project in the blockchain space? *
When answering this question please assume a feature-complete and stable Coda on mainnet
Top Reason
Second Reason
Third Reason
Fourth Reason
Fifth Reason
Doesn't apply
More decentralized than alternatives
Much easier to run a full node
Much easier to integrate into applications
It can scale
Has a great community
How do you see yourself using Coda when it launches? (check all that apply) *
If you foresee app developers integrating Coda into their apps, what do you think will be the main use? *
If you have any specific use cases or app ideas for Coda, please share with us!
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If you'd be interested in participating in more in-depth sessions on use cases for Coda (like a group call or 1:1 interview), please share your email
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Demographic Questions
Which country do you live in? *
How old are you? *
How do you identify? *
What type of internet connection do you mainly use? *
How would you mainly define your interest in cryptocurrencies/blockchains? *
How long have you been involved in the crypto/blockchain space? *
What do you find lacking in other blockchains?
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Discord ID (optional -- in case you would like to receive Testnet Points* for completing this survey)
*Testnet Points (abbreviated 'pts') are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.
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