ISTA Level 2 Participant Training Application Form

Thank you so much for your interest in the ISTA SSSin Training in Poland, Jizera Mountains, 25th - 31st January 2021

LEVEL 2 is a very different journey to the Level 1. It is an initiation journey through the portals of death, shadow, sacred union, power and rebirth. To be ready for the level 2 journey, level 1 needs to be integrated. Many people repeat L1 one or more times before coming to L2. There are good reasons for this. There needs to be a strong sense of a personal self before entering into the transpersonal and soul realms of killing off over identification with the personal self.

Included in this application are some self assessment questions to contemplate and journey with to support inner exploration and your readiness for L2. Please answer honestly and authentically and GIVE MORE THAN ONE WORD ANSWER. (answering only yes to the questions is not enough!)

All information provided is completely confidential and will only be shared between ISTA Organisers & Faculty.

If you are feeling called to come to the Level 2 straight after the Level 1, please complete this part of the application form after the closing circle. An important consideration is that you feel you have an understanding and embodiment of the L1 material, you are feeling grounded and you are feeling an authentic soul call to go directly through to the Level 2 that is different from the personality wanting to jump to the next experience or high.

Please note that even if this is a self-assessment form, in case the facilitators of your Level 1 will feel you are not ready to continue to Level 2 we will call you and talk to you about it. We might not approve your participation in Level 2. In this case we would refund you the ticket.

Please answer all questions so we can best cater to you and your needs.
With Thanks and Kind Regards,

Name of Organiser: Aleksandra Grzebalska
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