Endoscopic Airway Equipment - Rigid scopes
All of the information that you need to complete this workstation is in the notes and can be deduced by careful observation of the devices in front of you, but feel free to ask questions along the way! You can access a PDF of the notes, and come back to redo these quizzes at any time, by visiting:
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What to do:
Work through these resources and questions, and refer to the equipment. Don't worry about getting all the questions right – you'll be able to review your answers, learn from them if necessary, and retake this exercise as many times as you like.
There are several types of rigid endoscope displayed. Each operates in a different fashion. Examine them carefully, and then answer the questions below.
Rigid intubating endoscopes
Bonfils with portable light source and ETT loaded.
Rigid bronchoscopes
A selection of rigid bronchoscopy equipment
Positioning and anatomy of rigid bronchoscopy (note telescope through rigid bronchoscope)
Rigid operative telescopes
Hopkins' "Rod Lens" operative telescope
Look through each of the three types of device, and/or watch the FESS video taken below through a Hopkins rod lens rigid telescope and compare with your experience.
Which gives the best quality image? *
1 point
Which of these devices use optical fibres to carry the IMAGE to the viewer? (Select all that apply) *
1 point
Which of these devices contain optical fibres to CONDUCT LIGHT to the end of the endoscope? (Select all that apply) *
1 point
Which of the following are TRUE regarding rod lens rigid scopes? (Select all that apply) *
1 point
Which of these devices can be used as a conduit for ventilation and/or performing interventions? *
1 point
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