2017 HUSR Summer Study Abroad - Barcelona
Thank you for your interests in the 2017 HUSR Summer Study Abroad program at Barcelona Spain.


There will be approximately 15 - 20 spots available for the 2017 program. Students will be selected based on the following criteria -
(1) First-Come-First-Serve (application starts December 1st)
(2) Readiness (e.g., min GPA 2.75 and above, etc.), and
(3) Graduation date (the earliest being August 2017, as the program concludes on July 1, 2017)

Application starts Nov 15. Deadline to apply is December 1. Notification will be sent on December 15. THE APPLICATION IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME.

Information Session:
11/18 Friday 12:30 - 1 PM, EC 6th Floor Conference Room (by the Dean's suite)
11/28 Monday 1:30 - 2 PM, EC 425
11/30 Wednesday 12:30 - 1 PM, EC 425

*Please note that NO accommodations are available for additional company during the program (e.g., friends, family, etc.).

If accepted into the program, please arrange your schedule so you can attend all the mandatory pre-departure orientation/classes.

Pre-Departure Orientation/Classes
o Feb 3, March 3, April 14, May 5 (Friday 10:15 – 11:15 AM)
o Students who miss the Feb 3 meetings will be removed from the program
o These are part of the attendance for both 350 and 496 classes.

Other Important Dates,
- April 1: IAU Application Fee $85, Deposit $500 due
- April 30: Balance of the program fee ($2,665) due
- June 3: Depart US/Arrive in Barcelona
- June 4: Orientation & City Tour
- June 9 or 10: Day trip to Tarragona OR Montserrat (TBD)
- June 30: Final wrap-up & Farewell Dinner
- July 1: Depart Barcelona

Please contact Dr. Yuying Tsong, ytsong@fullerton.edu if you have any questions or wish to be on the wait-list.

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