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Responsible Data Practices in Digital Development - Case Study Submission Form
The Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research Program (mSTAR), is looking for projects where we can test and apply our draft good practice guidelines for ethical collection, use, management, sharing and release of data in field-based digital development programs.

The use of digital technologies is increasing in development programs. This has the potential for yielding tremendous benefits but also increases the chances of exposing individuals and communities to harms and privacy risks related to poorly managed and protected data. USAID and its implementing partners recognize these challenges, especially the need for good practices to guide collection, use and sharing of data in a responsible manner.

Therefore, in collaboration with Sonjara, Inc., Georgetown University and the USAID Global Development Lab, mSTAR is conducting research on existing practices, policies, systems, and legal frameworks through which international development data is collected, used, shared, and released. Based on this research, the team will develop good practice guidelines for USAID that will be tested against real world experiences in field- based digital development programs and that will help:

* Mitigate privacy and security risks for beneficiaries and others

* Improve performance and development outcomes through use of data

* Promote transparency, accountability and public good through open data

Once selected, the research team will conduct field visits of 1-2 weeks per project, in order to understand “on-the-ground” context and project needs. The research team will work with the project management team to, apply draft practice guidelines to each case, help identify what practices work and identify any gaps in the guidelines. The team will also capture feedback from the project management team and partners on implications for project costs and timelines, as well as document existing good practices and lessons learned from the project on how they manage their data.

The deadline for submission is 5:00PM EST on March 1, 2017.

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