Featured Queer Engineer Nomination
After our initial #QEVisibility campaign, we at Queer Engineer International were able to show the world "This is What An LGBTQIA+ Engineer+ Looks Like!" with some brief photo and bio features. Now, we want to hear more from you!

We are now accepting nominations for "Featured Queer Engineer". This campaign will recognize and honor individuals that:
1) Have made significant contributions to their field of engineering, technology, or applied science,
2) Have made significant contributions to the advancement of marginalized and/or underrepresented identities in STEM / beyond,
3) Have something they're passionate about that they would like to discuss for the benefit of the larger community. (An experience, a cause, a hobby, a philosophy, etc.)

-If you wish to nominate multiple individuals (ex. yourself and a friend or 3 colleagues) - please fill out the form once for each individual you wish to nominate. *Please do not submit multiple nominations on the same form!*
-Submit as many nominations as you wish.
-You can anonymously nominate individuals through the form.
-Self nominations are encouraged!
-Don't worry if you meet the criteria! Send that nomination anyways! :)

-Nominees will be contacted via email on a rolling basis if they have been selected for feature in the campaign.
-Via email, nominees will be asked generally what they wish to discuss, then will be sent a list of interview questions to respond to.

-Shoot us an email - queerengineerinternational@gmail.com
-Send us a Twitter message - @QueerEngineers
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First & Last Name of Your Featured Queer Engineer Nominee (& Pronouns - optional) *
If you are submitting a self-nomination - write your own name. If you are nominating someone else - write their name.
Email Contact For Your Featured Queer Engineer Nominee. *
In the event that you do not have an email contact, phone number or other information can instead be listed, but only as a last resort!
Briefly, why would this individual make a good "Featured Queer Engineer"? *
You may be interested in explaining their background - ex. what type of an engineer are they? Where do they work? What have they done that is interesting? What would they have to say that may be helpful to the larger community? Etc.
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