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WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR — great stories about women in entrepreneurship, leadership, and parenting. The Startup Parent podcast looks at deep human questions around what it means to become a parent, to grow a business, to embrace a body of work, to deal with failure, to shift in identity, and the work of growth as a person. Please use the form below to nominate yourself or someone you know.

  • You are willing to have open, kind, and candid conversations.
  • Your work or story can help parents and entrepreneurs from different walks of life.
  • You are willing to think about your work in the context of an intersectional lens—aka, how your work affects, helps, or harms people from different identities, backgrounds, income levels, and experiences.
  • You can join us for a 75 to 90 minute conversation. 
  • We believe hustle is a dial, not a way of being.
  • We love individual personal stories about specific moments that were really meaningful to you.
  • We invite experts who have knowledge, data, or experience to back up their claims.
  • We are looking for more stories from folks that come from a variety of backgrounds—single parents, BIPOC+ folks, LGTBQIA+ folks, folks who have immigrated here— a full breadth of stories. We want to hear about different ways that family can look, and break out of the trope of the "traditional" family.
  • If you know folks that would be a good fit for this show, please also nominate them.
  • We receive hundreds of submissions in our inbox and on this form. Please add your submission to this database, as this keeps us organized and guarantees we will see your information. 
  • Every quarter, we review our database to search for guests that align our show themes, mission, and values. We'll reach out to you if it's a good fit.
  • We are so sorry, we cannot reply to everyone that submits. You'll get a note confirming your submission. 
 Thank you so much for taking the time, and for supporting our podcast. 
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One of the core pieces of our mission is to tell a broad, diverse, and inclusive set of stories around motherhood and parenting. To that end, we are always searching for a broader range of stories, and your commitment to helping us matters.
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If you identify as white or Caucasian OR if you come from a highly educated or wealthy background, we ask that you nominate someone from a different background than you to be on this podcast as well. That way, we can continue tell a broader range of stories about motherhood, parenting, and entrepreneurship. 
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