Delivering homes we can afford
Thanks for following the link to our manifesto consultation. In this section we are asking people to let us know what they think about the priorities we have identified in our policy commission for delivering affordable homes.

Please have a read through our ideas, and let us know what you think about them. We're really interested to find out from you how you think we can achieve them, and we are always open to new ideas.

You don't need contribute to each area if you don't want to. If you've got a passion for a particular area or issue, let us know.

At the end of the consultation you'll have the chance to tell us about anything you think we've missed.

Thanks once again for taking part.

Our Vision:
“Ealing Labour will recommit to our campaign of building more genuinely affordable houses; step in and sort out renting privately, reducing costs and improving standards; and relentlessly secure investment in the infrastructure that enables our communities to thrive”
The Background:
Perhaps the biggest challenge Ealing faces over the coming decades is the chronic shortage of affordable housing.

Whilst London continues to grow, so is the cost of housing. Increasingly both families and first time buyers are priced out of the housing market. Forced into the private rented sector, poor quality homes and expensive rents are preventing people from saving even a modest deposit to buy a new home.

When key public sector workers like teachers, nurses and social workers can’t afford to live in the communities they work in, we are setting our public services up to fail. At the same time, better public transport links like Crossrail is driving the regeneration of much of our Borough, with house prices and rents continuing to rise.

Our seven towns, our high streets and our neighbourhoods are changing. It is vital that we ensure that our communities grow in the best possible way, so people who live in the homes we build can enjoy a decent life in our Borough.

The Challenges Ahead:
 Median private sector rent in Ealing is £1,350 per month, 6% higher than the outer London median. Ealing’s median rents have risen by 35% since 2011, the same rate as London more widely.

 The average house price in Ealing is over £501,000, 32% above the average for outer London. This represents a 93% increase in average prices in the past decade.

 There are over 12,000 applicants on Ealing’s housing waiting list, with as many as 40 new applicants joining the list every week. This compares with just 800 council or housing association homes becoming available to let to applicants on this list every year. Many applicants can expect to wait up to 6 years for a 2 bedroom flat or maisonette, or 8 years for a 3 bedroom house.

 Across the borough, around 7% of tenants live in overcrowded conditions. However, four wards in Ealing are in the top 10% of London wards for overcrowding levels, all in excess of 20% of tenants living in overcrowded conditions.

 Between 2012/13 and 2014/15, homelessness acceptances in Ealing increased by almost 250%, from 381 to 944. While this appears to have been a peak, acceptances remain at 685, nearly double the 2012/13 figure. Over the same period, the number of households applying for help due to homelessness or being at risk of homelessness rose from 1107 to 2398.

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