Valley Pointe Dance Fall/Spring 2019-2020 Registration

Dates: September 2nd 2019-May 16th 2020
Address: 6576 Valley Point Way Stansbury, Ut 84074
Contact at:

Welcome to Valley Pointe Dance! I'm excited to get to know you and your dancer better! Here is some general information you'll need to know before getting into the dance session.

There is a $15 registration fee for every dancer. This fee saves your spot in the class. This is due with registration. If paid after September 1st, your spot will go to the next on the wait list, so get it in quick!

Tuition is $30 per month. If taking more than one class or if a sibling is taking a class, classes drop to $25 per child per month.

Solos and Duets include 6 one hour classes. These are to be scheduled (September through November and then January through April)with the teacher and includes choreography and instruction for one dance.
- Solo class: $150 per session (September-December)and (January- May)
- Duet class: $100 per session (September-December)and (January- May)

Ballet technique $15 per month (No discounts)

Tuition is due the 1st of every month. There will be a $10 late fee, if paid later than the 10th.

There are loads of payment options! Cash and check of course! There is also the option of using Venmo (@valleypointedanceco) or Paypal using the email I also have a Paypal card reader! That means that you can come into class and bring a credit or debit card and pay for tuition right there!

If you would like to pay for the entire year of dance at once, I have a discount option!!! I will give you 10% off the entire year's tuition if the year is paid for in full in September. For example, if you have one class per month, the entire year's tuition would be $270, but drops to $243 with a 10% discount if you pay for all 9 months at once. You would almost get a full month free. This does not include the registration fee, recital fee, or costume fee. Those need to be paid separately.

Tuition is monthly. Longer months make up for shorter months.
If there are any issues please always come and talk to me or send me an email!

There will be a costume fee for the Christmas recital that will be $50 (regular dance classes, includes tights). There will also be a $45 costume fee for the Spring recital. The Christmas costume fee will be due with the September tuition. The Spring costume fee will be due in January.

Cheer Uniforms are $50. They are also required to buy the team poms that are $20. They will be able to wear these for the entire year, Christmas and Spring recitals. They will also be able to use the poms the following year if they stay in the class and the poms are in good condition.

Tumblers pay a $25 costume fee, all due by September 1st. Tumbling leotards will be worn at both the Christmas and the Spring recitals.
*Non performing classes do not need to pay a costume fee

There will be a Christmas recital in December and a Spring recital in May. There is a $15 recital fee per student. This will be due in November and again in April.

What to wear
Leotards with tights are encouraged but not required for dance practices. I do require clothes that are easy to move and stretch in. Jeans, dresses, and belly shirts are NOT allowed. The 3-4, and 5-6 combo class will need pink ballet shoes. If you are in a ballet and tap class, you will need both tap shoes and ballet shoes. Tumbling is barefoot. Hip Hop will need sneakers. My combo classes 7- High School will need tan half sole dance shoes or tan jazz shoes. They will also need tan dance tights for the recital. If they do not have the right shoes by the first class, make sure they have socks to wear until their shoes come, but make sure they get them ASAP so they can get used to wearing them while they dance. Cheer will need to purchase all white tennis shoes. Hip hop will need white tennis shoes. I can order shoes for you from my dance wear provider. They are reasonably priced and good quality, however I will only put in an order for dance shoes in October, January and March. OnStage Dancewear in Taylorsville is also a good place to buy shoes and other dance wear. Amazon is also another good resource. If you would like to order them through me, I will have an order form to fill out. You will also need to order tights through me for recital and they will cost $5.

Parents in class
It is best if parents leave after dropping off their child in the classroom so that their child can focus, however if staying is necessary for a limited time, I do require that parents stay outside the classroom and quietly watch from there. The goal is to let them focus in class on their own.

*Please remember that this is my home. People coming in and out of my home is difficult on my family and I like to limit it to pick up and drop off times.

Also, I will make adjustments in child level. I am perfectly happy to move children around to older or younger classes to help them better fit into their class and grow as a dancer. If your child has a special need, please contact me so that you and I can both provide the best dance experience for your child.

*Please note that when you sign up, you are signing up for the whole year. Dancers that drop need to do so before the 1st of the month or they will be held responsible for the entire month's tuition.

This and other information can be found on my website,

Please make sure that the email you provide is one that you check frequently, as it is my main form of communication. Thanks!

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