CAD Assistant User Survey
Dear user,

Since Open Cascade has released the first version of CAD Assistant in 2014, the application has reached more than 100 K installs with 4,4 rating on Google Play. This is a great achievement for us, however we would like to move forward and make CAD Assistant better and more useful.

In this regard we are thinking of introducing a new PRO version of the application which more likely will be paid. Selling it will allow us to invest more in the software development. At the same time we confirm that the free version of CAD Assistant which all of you are got used to will remain available.

We want to hear firsthand what features you lack now. Please, take the survey and contribute to the next more advanced version of CAD Assistant.

Best regards,
Open Cascade Team

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Which version of CAD Assistant do you use?
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Among the features listed below please check up to 3 boxes with the features which are currently absent in CAD Assistant but which you would like to be implemented:
If you need a Measure/Dimensions feature, please choose options that are priority for you:
If you’re interested in support of new CAD formats, please check up 1 box that is priority for you:
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Would you pay for a PRO version of CAD Assistant regarding that all features you selected above were implemented in this PRO version?
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What do you consider would be the fair price for 1 PRO license of CAD Assistant (in euro). How much are you ready to pay?
Do you already use an alternative software that fully or partially covers the functionality listed above?
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If you would like to participate in beta testing of the PRO version of CAD Assistant, please write down your contact email.
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