Pro Bono Sessions are only available to U.S. based artists and their representatives. Please submit your questions and reserve your time slot by October 1, 2019. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept walk-ups. You must be a 2019 Mondo.NYC Registrant to participate in this program.
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We can provide advice ranging from band formation, selling beats, selling finished songs, copyright issues, trademarks, contractual provisions, and much more. Please describe your legal question.
The Recording Artists Project of Harvard Law School (“RAP”) is a student practice organization of Harvard Law School. The purpose of the pro bono time slot is to provide limited free legal information to participants at Mondo. This statement is the entire agreement between you and RAP to provide limited legal information and assistance regarding your music business concerns.

Scope and Nature of Clinic Assistance

You will be provided only with general and limited information and assistance about issues related to your legal music question and based solely on the information you provide to RAP in this form and through subsequent interactions by phone or email.

RAP is not obligated to assist you in any capacity after the identified meeting. RAP assumes no responsibility for your music career based on what you discuss during our meeting. By agreeing below, you acknowledge that you understand, accept and agree to the limited scope of assistance offered by RAP during your Mondo time slot.

After our meeting at the identified date and time, RAP may be able to provide you with additional research and analysis of your legal questions but only if we accept your project for legal services and enter into a written retainer agreement with you.

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