Colossalcon East 2019 DJ Submission Form
This is the form for DJ demo submissions for Colossalcon 2019. Please answer all questions as completely as possible, and ensure requirements for your submission are met. Failure to do so may result in your submission not being considered for Colossalcon 2019.

Questions and concerns can be sent to

Name as it appears on your ID *
We need your legal name for validation purposes, including badge pickup if you are selected.
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DJ name *
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Contact email address *
If there are any issues with your submission, or if we'd like more information, we will contact you here.
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Social media information *
If you have Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / etc that you'd like to provide, post it here.
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Link to your demo *
*PLEASE READ AND ENSURE ALL THESE CONDITIONS ARE MET OR YOU WILL NEED TO RESUBMIT.* All demos must meet the following requirements, no exceptions: 45 minutes or longer in length; uploaded within 90 days of your demo submission; properly tracklisted and timestamped; properly normalized and EQ'd; uploaded to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or YouTube (no fileshare / cloud sharing permitted); may not contain any original tracks or remixes by Porter Robinson, Virtual Self, or Hikaru Utada. Live recordings are OK too.
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Preferred equipment *
Please list all equipment you use. This includes equipment you can bring yourself, and if needed, anything you would need provided.
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Preferred genres *
List the genres you play most here. Note that we are looking primarily for convention-relevant stuff, but are open to anything EDM!
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Release agreement *
Submission of this form means you agree to the following: We may listen to your mix without further changes or edits; If accepted, you will receive 2 badges, stay for the weekend, and access to the DJ suite for refreshments; If denied, we will notify you upon denial with full reason for said denial.
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